Joyce P. Lopez
1350 Still River Drive
Venice, Florida 34293   
Night Bird (archival print)
The one singular memory I have from age 4,  was that I was taking a walk with my preschool class. We passed a tree that had small orange berries hanging on it and I was fascinated. I thought trees were only green. This one seemed almost decorated, festive and unique. The teachers told me it was a Mountain Ash and not so common in the Chicago area, where I lived. This framed my curiosity about the natural world and started me on a path that has occupied me for my entire life.
For 40 years, I have been a photographer, using my photography to illustrate important environmental issues. The 21st century has brought crises of immense proportions that need to be immediately addressed; global climate change, the availability of food, food production and distribution, the cost of food, pollution of air and water, just to name a few.
Prior to my photography career, I attended the University of Illinois at Urbana and the School of the Art Institute of Chicago, I studied fiber, sculpture and film. For many years I had a weaving studio and then developed my own sculpture technique using chrome steel tubes hand wrapped with French thread. During this time, I did many public art sculptures as well as commissions in Washington state and the State of Illinois as well as major corporations such as Health South and Sony Corporation, etc. The largest commissioned piece was 30' X 20' X 6" and weighed over 500 pounds for the University of Illinois at Urbana.
My work has been recognized internationally in exhibitions from Turkey, Latvia, Argentina, Germany, Spain, Kenya and China. In the United States, my work has been exhibited at the Schneider Gallery in Chicago and was included in Catherine Edelman Gallery's Chicago Project from 2011 to 2014, as well as other galleries nationwide.
In my work, I photograph the beauty in the Natural World that may be on the brink of extinction.
Education: Art Institute of Chicago, Univ. of Illinois
17th Annual Black and White Spider Awards International, 2022
“Splash” exhibition, 2021, Griffin Museum, Boston, MA
15th Pollux Exhibition, 2021, Awards, Barcelona
Photoville, The Fence, 2020-2021 Outdoor Photo Exhibition, Sarasota, FL
PH21 Contemporary Photography Gallery, 2021 Winter Exhibition, Budapest
15th Pollux Exhibition, 2021, Awards, Barcelona
PX3 de La Photographie Paris, 2020 Awards 
PH21 Contemporary Photography Gallery, “Significant Color” 2020, Budapest 
Fence 2020, the outside photo exhibition, 9th edition Regional Photographers Showcase, Sarasota, FL 
Florida Museum of Photography, Award Winner, 2020, Tampa, FL 
13th International Color Awards, 2020 
IPA Awards 2020 
One Shot, 2 Honorable Mentions International Juried Photography Exhibition, “The Still Life,” Praxis Gallery, MN, 2020
14th Annual Black and White Spider Awards International, 2020
Julia Margaret Cameron Awards, 2020 Barcelona
17th International Photography Awards, 2 Awards, 2019, LA,CA.
12th International Color Awards, 5 Awards, 2019, LA, CA
The Center for Fine Art Photography, 2019, Center Forward, Fort Collins, CO
The Center for Fine Art Photography, 2019, Life of Water, Fort Collins, CO
TPS 28 The International Exhibition, 2019,Texas Photographic Society, TX 
The Fence 2019, Sarasota, FL
Soho National Competition, 2019 , NYC
Pollux Awards 2019, 2020, Barcelona, Spain
Julia Margaret Cameron Awards, 2018 Barcelona, Spain
Griffin Museum, 24th Juried Exhibition 2018, Winchester, MA
Tokyo International Foto Awards, Bronze Award, 2018, Tokyo, Japan
Center for Fine Art Photography, Black/White Exhibition 2018, Fort Collins, CO
Soho National Competition, 2018, NYC
11th Anniversary Edition of the Julia Margaret Cameron Award 2018, Barcelona           
SOHO Photo Gallery National Competition 2017, NYC
Griffin Museum-Ed Friedman Legacy Exhibition, 2017, Winchester, MA
Center for Fine Art Photography, “Animalia Exhibition” 2017, Fort Collins, CO
10th International Color Awards, 2017, 9 Awards online exhibition
Contemporary Art Gallery 333, “Layers Exhibition” 2017, Chicago, IL
A. Smith Gallery, “Earth Exhibition”, 2017, Johnson City, Texas
PX3-2016-2nd Place Self Portrait, Paris, France
SE Center for Photography, “Nocturnes Exhibition” 2016, Greenville, SC
Griffin Museum, “Space Exhibition” 2016, Winchester, MA
16th Annual Members show, 1st Place, 2016, Florida Museum of Photographic Arts, Tampa, FL
“Water” exhibition, Fort Collins, CO, 2016
“Space” exhibition, Griffin Museum, Winchester, MA, 2016
“Nocturnes”, SE Center for Photography, 2016, Greenville, SC
10th Annual Black and White Spider Awards International, 2016, 8 awards
7th Edition of the Julia Margaret Cameron Awards 2015-2016, Berlin, Germany
9th International Color Awards, 2015, five awards
Photo Review 2015 Competition
8th International Color Awards, 2015, six awards
Center for Fine Arts Photography, “Still Life” exhibition, Director’s Honorable Mention, 2015, Fort Collins, CO
Filter Photo and Open Lands exhibition, “Field Study”, Katharine Ware, juror, David Weinberg Gallery, Chicago, IL 2015
Perspective Gallery, “Lens 2015”, Paul Berlanga, Evanston, IL
Six Nominations, 2014,IPA Awards (Lucie Foundation), Los Angeles, CA
IPA Awards (Lucie Foundation) "One Shot: One World” 2014, Los Angeles, CA.Finalist in the 6th Edition of the Pollux Awards and also the 6th Edition of the Julia Margaret Cameron Awards, Municipal Museum 2014, Malaga, Spain
“Best of Botanicals” National Juried Photography Exhibition 2014, Photo Gallery Oakland, Oakland, CA
Solo exhibition 2014, “Trouble With Birds” the Kiernan Gallery, Lexington, VA
Juror’s Selection, 38th Anniversary Women's International 2013 Christiona Owen, juror
2nd Place Merit Award of Excellence, and Nominations 2013, Black and White Spider 8th Annual Awards
The Kiernan Gallery, "Voyages" exhibition 2013
3rd place, 4 Nominations Masters Color Awards online 2013,
Honorable Mention 2013, SOHO Photo National Competition- NYC
Martha Schneider Gallery, ”After Classical Portraiture”, May 4-July 7, 2012
1st, 2nd, Awards 2010, 2012, Julia Margaret Cameron International, Buenos Aires, AR
The Chicago Project-Catherine Edelman Gallery, 2011-2014, Chicago, Il
First Place-Award, Professional Women Photographers exhibition, NO Gallery, NYC, 2012

W Magazine/Chicago; Sony Corporation of America; City of Chicago; Nokia Collection; Health South; State of Washington; State of Illinois; Bank of America; Fortune Brands, Southern Illinois University, Western Illinois University, etc.

Silvershotz Magazine 2014 Volume 8, Edition 5, collector’s edition, international photo magazine, Australia
“The Trouble With Birds”, Joyce P. Lopez
“NYC-CHGO X2”, Joyce P. Lopez
Focus Magazine, 2008, 2009, 2011

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