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When I was small, I was certain that one day I could go up to the clouds and lie down making a wonderful cloud bed.  I would be able to pull up some puffy clouds and make a ultra soft pillow and go to sleep without anyone bothering me.  Of this I was certain.


Still, I am fascinated by clouds and having recently moved to Florida, Florida's rainy season, while very hot, has wonderful clouds that form over the nearby river, not the gulf.  None of these images are sunsets but rather the reflection of the sunset in the clouds over the Myakka River on the Gulf Coast of Florida.


Another fascination for me has been the sense of place.  The "where" and how it influences the work.  My images of cloud formations are all a square format and each has a square, or squares,  within the image.  This square within a square is taken from within the image itself and becomes a window to it's self. An introspection.