Joyce P. Lopez
Fine Art Photography




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"The Earth Series"


In 2008, while in Tanzania I met an Ethiopian man named Tesfye.  He told me his name means "providing shade to 1000 people."  I have been thinking about this ever since then: what a remarkable name!  The importance of trees to providing shade, particularly in Africa, to holding soil and preventing land erosion, cleaning the air, filtering the water, preventing climate change, fuel for cooking, etc.


Then I was thinking about all the ways mankind has abused the earth.


This series is concerned with deforestation, drought, flooding, factory farming, the military and it's affect on nature, the importance of insects to agriculture, potable water, etc. It has been a challenge to NOT do typical documentary work but to tell this story more poetically.


My intention is to raise awareness of our stewardship as citizens of the earth for generations to come with a sense of community across country borders.