Joyce P. Lopez
fine art photography



"Cracked Earth"  Archival pigment print on rag paper 20"x20"



Why do I photograph?


I have been a photographer for 20 years, using my photography to illustrate environmental issues that interest me. Taking a traditional approach, using a black background in the manner of Dutch 17th century painters, I strive for a formal "portrait" of botanicals.  Objects which were in the periphery are now the subject. These "out of context" subjects are not usually photographed in this way.  There is an oddity about them as well as an exquisiteness in the details and rich colors.  The 21st century has brought crises of immense proportions that we need to address; the availability of food, the impact of climate, distribution and cost of food.


Prior to my photography career, I attended the University of Illinois at Urbana and the School of the Art Institute of Chicago, I studied fiber, sculpture and film.  For many years I had a weaving studio and then developed my own sculpture technique using chrome steel tubes hand wrapped with French thread.  During this time, I did many public art sculptures as well as commissions for universities in Washington state and the State of Illinois as well as major corporations such as Health South and Sony Corporation, etc.  The largest commissioned piece was 30' X 20' X6" and weighed over 500 pounds for the University of Illinois at Urbana.


My work has been recognized internationally in exhibitions from Turkey, Latvia. Argentina, Germany, Spain, Kenya and China.  In the United States, my work has been exhibited at the Schneider Gallery in Chicago and was included in Catherine Edelman's Chicago Project from 2011 to 2014, as well as other galleries nationwide.

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